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  • Cooling Off


    This course is designed to educate architects and engineers about the value of mitigating the heat island effect through cool roofing. Learners who read this course should be able to identify what the ill effects of urban heat islands, describe what cool roofing and cool roofing products are, identify the key installation principles for cool roofing and describe the benefits of green, planted roofs. 

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    Cooling Off
  • Rubber Underfoot


    After reading this article and passing the quiz, architects and facility managers should be able to identify the benefits of rubber flooring, including its affect on the work environment in hospitals, schools and commercial buildings; its IAQ requirements; sound attenuation qualities; recyclability; and other sustainable attributes. Readers should then be able to explain why or why not rubber flooring is suitable option for a green building.

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    Rubber Underfoot

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